Baby Sign Class Announced

Baby Sign Class

The Bee's Knees will be hosting a 3 class series where participants will learn signs to use with babies and toddlers.

While infants and toddlers have a desire to communicate their needs and wishes, they lack the ability to do so clearly because the production of speech lags behind cognitive ability in the first years of life. Proponents of baby sign language say that this gap between desire to communicate and ability often leads to frustration and maybe even tantrums. However, since hand-eye coordination develops sooner than acquisition of verbal skills, infants can learn simple signs for common words before they are able to produce understandable speech.

Topics will include (but not limited to): Introduction to Baby Sign, Benefits of Baby Sign, Signs for basic needs and wants, people, feelings and fun.  

Where: The Bee's Knees 302 Warren Street, Hudson
Dates: 3 Sundays- May 25th, June 1st, and June 8th
Time: 2pm
Cost: $45 for the 3 class series
To Register: call the store at 518-697-0888 (space is limited)
Instructor: Kristine Sigler - Kristine is currently a stay at home mom/yoga teacher. She has a 3 (almost 4) year old son. She was previously a paralegal with an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Psychology. After learning that her son was born with Down syndrome, she chose to stay home to care for him while working to obtain a Certificate in Disability Studies and American Sign Language I and II. She started using sign with her son at around 6 months and at age 3 he is using more than 100 signs which allows him to communicate well without speech.